vinyl flooring / dance studio / tile / high-gloss
SIGNAFLEX Signature Systems Group, LLC



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    dance studio

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    wood look

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SignaFlex is Signature's roll-out vinyl dance floor ideal for permanent installations. If you are looking for a real wood appearance that is easier to maintain and install without the expense, this is the best option available for you. SignaFlex provides excellent shock absorption, slip resistance, sound reduction, and stability.

SignaFlex is comprised of five layers engineered to maximize your dance floor's potential. The durable polyurethane surface layer (1) provides excellent resistance to dirt build-up and contains a bacteriostat agent to supress the propagation of bacteria - a healthy added bonus for any dance floor! The vinyl wear layer (2) offers superior durability while the beautiful graphic layer (3) creates the illusion of real wood planks. The woven glassfiber inner layer (4) provides excellent dimensional stability. Finally, the closed cell foam backing (5) offers excellent shock-resistance, superior stability, and good energy return for prolonged activities.