floor flexible tile / vinyl / polished / non-slip
AUTODECK™ Signature Systems Group, LLC



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    non-slip, for public spaces


Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring

Design and install a spectacular showroom-quality garage floor quickly and economically.

AutoDeck is a modular tile system that allows anyone to design and install a temporary or permanent showroom-quality floor quickly and economically. The AutoDeck modular tile system is ideal for garages, workshops, auto shows, trade show displays, basements, retail showrooms, airplane hangars...virtually anywhere that requires a polished showroom look. The 1ft x 1ft rugged tiles can support cars, trucks and other equipment, and are simple to install without tools.

Interlocking Modular Flooring Tiles

AutoDeck (AD) is a rugged 1ft x 1ft square modular flooring tile that snaps together to create a spectacular-looking, raised, dry, non-slip floor for a variety of applications.

AutoDeck does not need to be refinished and requires virtually no maintenance. Tiles are made of a lightweight, yet durable and high-impact polypropylene co-polymer that is shock absorbent - reducing stress on the body. AD tiles are resistant to sunlight, and chemicals including oil, grease, and brake fluids.

AutoDeck's specially-engineered underside with 450 gusseted legs with our proprietary "Roman Arch" support pegs makes our tile amongst the strongest in the industry - able to support rolling loads up to 20,000 pounds sq/ft. The underside channels allow liquids to flow freely underneath and out from under the floor.