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PEBBLE Sileather™



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    contract, for hotels, shop

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    for outdoor use, PVC-free, 100% recyclable, low-VOC, fire-retardant, high-resistance, water-repellent



Sileather™ silicone coated fabrics unique construction makes our fabrics durable and able to withstand harsh conditions. Our fabrics are tough enough for outdoor applications, so if you need durable, long lasting fabric, then Sileather™ is exactly what you need.


Our fabrics are environmentally friendly and safe to use by anyone.

-All of our products compliant with RoHS, REACH, and Prop65

-Our fabrics are all PVC and PU free

-We do not use plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals, or Bisphenol A (BPA) in any of our fabrics

-We do not adopt the use of solvents throughout production, which guarantees ultra-low VOC emissions

-As a manufacturer, we produce the silicone raw material by ourselves. The same silicone material can be used to produce baby bottle nipples so it is very safe and non toxic

-We are an environmentally friendly faux leather, so no animals or animal parts are used in any of our fabrics

Silicone leather is a new type of compound material, composed of 100% silicone (coating) and PET material (backing). Silicone is recyclable material making it an ideal fabric for today's market. For our PET backing, we use partially regenerated fibers, making silicone leather even more environmentally friendly.

Fade Resistant

Sileather™ silicone coated fabrics are inherently fade resistant thanks to the protective nature of silicone. Our fabrics are great for outdoor applications since they hold their color and are also UV resistant.

Stain Resistant

Sileather™ fabrics are not only resistant to stains, but are very easy to clean. The unique texture and qualities of our silicone keeps away stains and dirt.

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