Circular staircase / wooden steps / without risers / contemporary
EUROPA Siller Stairs


  • Type:


  • Steps:

    wooden steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    suspended, cantilevered


The Euope design has no strings. The steps are steel bars which are directly anchored into the wall. As for the handrail you can choose, glas, stailess steel, wood or no handrail at all.

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The staircase connects “living”- spaces – in your traditional frame house, your representative villa and in your company. And as most important design element of architecture and interior decoration it reflects the lifestyle and the individuality of its residents. The materials emphasise the attitude towards life: Wood, stone, steal or glass set creative courses and transform habitable room.

Stairs you not only can see, but also sense, hear and feel. Already at the first step you can sense if you go convenient. Crunches the tread gentle underneath your feet? Does the handrail feel comfortable under your hands? Only quality makes a staircase to a pleasant adventure – for your senses. This presumes competent advisement, exact planning and crafty accuracy.

“Stairs are our life” Since 1958 Siller-Treppen offers individual, crafty manufactured stair solutions. Latest technology assists to reach this aim. Highest quality standard, reliability and punctuality go without saying.


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