Straight staircase / overhead / for commercial buildings / without risers
EUROPA Siller Stairs


  • Type:


  • Options:

    overhead, for commercial buildings

  • Riser:

    without risers


The self supporting stair system Europa with cantilevered treads is available as a spiral stair or as a straight version. The spiral stair version has conical steps which are getting thinner towards the centre.

Other spiral stairs are the Superior, Sciria, Fly or Sevilla Vetro models.

Technical Details:

Stairs: Cantilevered in Wood/Iron/Stainless steel

Banister: Wood/Glass/Stainless steel

Technical details:
• Self supporting stairs

• Steel stair cone-shaped 160/60mm strongly made
• Steel stair in LOAD BEARING concrete masonry 25cm and/or brick wall sealed in at least 45cm.
• Stair width up to 1200mm.
• Steel tread made with optional wood or leather surround

• Stair railing consisting of: safety glass 8+8 Non load bearing bond with membrane, glued. All edges chamfered and ground.
• Glass railing attached to side of stairs at 5mm intervals with stainless steel bracket as load bearing construction.

• Fitted round or rectangular wooden handrail made according to customer wishes..
• Banister height 1000mm


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