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wood shingle / for roofs



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    for roofs


Premier bitumen shingle, half-round shaped, fully surfaced with genuine copper foil. .

Architectural uses of copper: long design life and light-green patina finish over the years.
The copper foil is folded over the tile edges for a longer ageing and stronger resistance.
Thick and particularly rigid due to its double heavy glassmat reinforcement.
Ease of installation.


For slopes > 30% or 40%.
Protection of residential roof.


The shingles are nailed on continuous ventilated substrates, generally made of wood (solid wood or wood panels).
The shingles are offset by the amount of a half-span with an overlap of mini 50mm (see diagram hereafter), leaving the spans to appear over a height corresponding to the gauge, and fixed by 3, 4 or 6 specific nails according to the models.
The installation of the substrate + shingles as a unit depends on a number of criteria:
slope, length of the inclined roof surface, climatic zone (zone with little wind, zone with considerable wind/coastal area, mountain climate) which determines the possibility or not of using the product.