aluminum anchoring system / for ventilated facades / for facade cladding


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for ventilated facades, for facade cladding


Fixed anchoring of a great capacity and resistance, specificly to be mounted on a PF-ALU aluminium profile. The technique used in this anchoring is a stainless steel stamped and machined on a variable base flat bars, and machined with adjustment bushings which are placed in slotting in the axis of the claddings to be hung. Specifically, the size and shape of these anchoring is resolved by means of the double layout of the claddings of variable base. Each of these models is used depending on the dimensions of the cladding (thicknesses of 3, 4 and 5 cm) and of their position in the façade. The model GR-PL-100, of intersection, joins the claddings of the cladding on the corners, with the possibility of joining up to 4. It is specially designed for the optimisation of the use of profiles in small claddings. The model GR-PL-46, however, only allows connecting two claddings (a top and a bottom one) at the same time, and it is specific for large portion claddings.


System designed for the fixing of claddings with horizontal parts and installation with both joints continuous (alternative to ties at 50% in large parts). As an alternative to the system PF-ALU/PL, allows installation of parts in a vertical tie position.