aluminum anchoring system / for ventilated facades / for facade cladding


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  • Applications:

    for ventilated facades, for facade cladding


With this new profile-clip, Sistema Masa has excelled itself any other product existing on the market given its great versatility and speed when being mounted, allowing the laying out of the vertical profiles at random, regardless of the position of the vertical joints of the cladding. It is a system that gives an exceptional performance during assembly as it does not require any bolts for fixing the claddings, ensuring the stability of the cladding thanks to the innovation of a new design of silent-block, absorbing the expansion and contraction of the surface as well as providing the possibility of maintaining different thicknesses in the vertical joints (from 1 mm to 10 mm), at the same time it centres and favours the flatness of the cladding. It is specially recommended for smaller size claddings in vertical position or with a free vertical joint.

System designed for the fixing and claddings with vertical parts, with continuous horizontal joint and free vertical joint. Recommended for compact material (eg. Granite, basalt, etc.)

The horizontal profiles making up the PF-ALU/HPL system are marketed in 3 dimensions:
PF-ALU/HPL-40, PF-ALU/HPL-60 and PF-ALU/HPL-120 depending on the thickness and dimension of the cladding. The base of the system, made up by PF-ALU vertical profiles and ES-ALU fastening elements is present in the three versions, allowing preserving the system regulation untouched.