Metal fastening system / for facade cladding / for ventilated facades / exterior


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for facade cladding, for ventilated facades

  • Other characteristics:

    exterior, clamp profile


Completely hidden solid to vertical mountings and especially designed for thinner types of cladding such as gres porcelain, fibre cement, agglomerates, composites, glass, and high pressure laminates (HPL), etc. The system works together with a high performance adhesive in order to ensure correct fastening with maximum security. With a simple application, the system requires machining of e: 1 mm on the edge of the claddings in order to house the anchoring lips.

There are two versions available, Pin and Terminal, depending on the area of cladding to be fastened.

System designed for the fixing of claddings with material of small thickness. Especially suitable for claddings with horizontal pieces and for assembly with both joints continuously (alternative with ties at 50% in large dimension pieces).

The GR-SOV system is an anchoring system of mechanical supports supplemented with an elastic adhesive especially designed for façade panels


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