metal anchoring system / for ventilated facades / for suspended curtain walls / for facade cladding


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  • Applications:

    for ventilated facades, for suspended curtain walls, for facade cladding


The Masa Integral System has been designed in order to meet a technical requirement in the evolution of the fastening systems for ventilated façades: the inclusion of a closure as part of the fastening system as a light façade. This inclusion provides a great construction advantage, as it allows the direct fastening to the building structure efficiently resolving the wall and its waterproofness, the first thermo-acoustic layer insulation and the fastening of the cladding. It is a very versatile system as it allows selecting different options in two of its most important layers: Insulation and Cladding. This characteristic is not a minor fact, as it is a system that can fasten both natural stone claddings as well as those of porcelain, fibrocement, composites, high pressure laminates, etc.

Right from its very beginning the Masa Integral System has been designed with an approach focussed on entire assembly on site, without the need of having a large infrastructure for its prior handling. Easy to install, the SIM allows optimising the installation time in order to optimise the time used by the installers to a maximum.

The Masa Integral System is made up of specially designed elements for their function, combined with standard elements as in the case of the European joints and brackets.

This implied a great advantage when cooperating with the machined centres, as the drilling and preparation cuts of the profiles do not require special treatment.


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