Aluminum fastening system / for facade cladding / for ventilated facades / exterior


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for facade cladding, for ventilated facades

  • Other characteristics:

    exterior, clamp profile


Supporting anchoring to profile PF-ALU consisting of a simple 8 to 15 mm thick machined flat bar, specifically designed for porcelain claddings retaining the claddings frontally in an almost hidden way, as it is optionally provided with the RAL of the cladding to be supported.

Anchoring of a great versatility as it allows the replacement of the claddings and/or replacement in a really simple way, always maintaining the union mechanically. The system is provided with a stainless steel spring that together with the bushing will maintain the claddings free from vibration and movement. It is presented in two versions, GR-CER-46 and 100, depending on the size and layout of the claddings to be supported.

System designed for the fiixing of claddings with materials of small thickness or where machining is not recommendable.
Optimum for claddings with horizontal parts and installation with both joints continuously (alternative with ties at 50% in large size parts).

As an alternative to the GR-CER system it allows installation of ties vertically


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