Stainless steel fastening system / aluminum / for facade cladding / for ventilated facades


  • Material:

    stainless steel, aluminum

  • Applications:

    for facade cladding, for ventilated facades

  • Other characteristics:

    exterior, clamp profile


Horizontal profile PF-ALU-HTR, continuous support of upper and .lower GR-TR anchoring, fixed to the vertical profile PF-ALU with self tapping bolts, with the function of supporting the weight of the cladding and wind load. The anchoring GR-TR, specially designed for small thickness claddings, is fixed to the same by means of the TR-MASA plug, designed for porcelain claddings and/or stone claddings having a good compression resistance. The technique used in this anchoring is an extruded aluminium profile, machined by specific geometry in order to fit in the horizontal profile, with height adjustment and fixed to the cladding by means of the introduction of the TR-MASA plug in the cylindrical holes made on the rear side of the claddings that will make up the cladding. In the same way than the remaining Masa products, it allows easy assembly with the possibility of replacing or installing claddings at any point of the cladding.

System designed for the solution of claddings of little thickness and specially slates, given their high exfoliation level. Optimum for claddings in a vertical position, with continuous horizontal joints and free vertical joints. The fastening of the part using the rear side allows maximum flexibility in the buttings.


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