stainless steel anchoring system / aluminum / for ventilated facades / for facade cladding


  • Material:

    stainless steel, aluminum

  • Applications:

    for ventilated facades, for facade cladding

  • Other characteristics:



Solidary simple and resistant anchoring specific to profile PF-ALU. The technique used for this type of anchoring is that of a bent stamped and machined flat bar made of stainless steel, allowing the regulation of the axis (x), supplementary to that of the profile, with a simple set of nut and locking nuts in order to achieve correct plumb level. Axis (y) is adjustable by means of the movement of its position along the length of the profile, to which it is fastened with a self-tapping bolt preventing the clip from falling. Axis (z) allows movement of its position up to 20 mm, supplementary to those of the fastening elements of the profile.

This clip model is available in different sizes for a better adaptation to the specific charcateristics of each cladding, load and wind conditions.

System designed for the solution of claddings with horizontal parts and installation with both joints continuously (alternative to ties at 50% in large size parts).
Recommended for less compact material (E.G., sandstone)

Sistema diseñado para la solución de aplacados con piezas en posición horizontal y colocación con varias juntas continuas (alternativa en traba al 50% en piezas de grandes dimensiones). Recomendado para materiales de menor capacidad. (Ej: Areniscas)