stainless steel fastening system / for ventilated facades / for facade cladding / exterior


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for ventilated facades, for facade cladding

  • Other characteristics:



Single fixed anchoring of great simplicity and strength, for self-supporting enclosure walls. The bolt with total length (L) consists of two parts, being the first part buit-in inside the wall (E) and the second one protruding from the wall with length (X) and thus supporting at the end the weight (P) from the cladding.

The assembly is done by carrying out a drilled hole in the supporting element, then the waste material is to be removed, realizing an epoxy resin filling or a mortar filling with non-shrink additives and the subsequent introduction of the anchoring. The final adjustment results from the difference between the diameters of the drilled hole in the supporting element and the anchoring. This system allows in its GR-ESP-PI version the attachment of cladding panels made of slate and ceramic components, since the panel is held at the front side, exerting a constant pressure from the rear side of the panels.

The attachment of the panel is entirely mechanical by means of a stamped flat bar fixed to a spindle, which is completed with a stainless steel spring. Anchoring models GR-ESP / GR-ESP-PI are available in a wide range of diameters (M) and lengths (L), for a better adaptation to the specific characteristics of each cladding, to the supported loads and to the wind conditions.