stainless steel anchoring system / for facades



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for facades


Single fixed anchoring of great simplicity and strength, for self-supporting enclosure walls. The technique implemented in this type of anchoring features the use of a bent stamped and machined flat stainless steel bar for adjusting the axis (x) by means of a simple set of nut and lock nut in order to ensure correct vertical and horizontal levels. The axes (y) and (z) are also adjustable and they are fixed by means of a safety-lock washer that prevents the detachment of the clip. This anchoring model is available in a wide range of thicknesses (e), distances (X) and diameters (M) for a better adaptation to the specific characteristics of each cladding, supported loads and wind conditions.
Calculations made based on a density of 3,000 kg/m³.

-        Installation to build up a ventilated façade.
-        Adjustment carried out in 3 axes (x, y, z).
-        Easy and safe installation.
-        2 models – intermediate and terminal – to fasten cladding panels with thicknesses over 30 mm.
-        4 different dimensions, up to a maximum outward distance of 155 mm