aluminum metal panel / wall-mounted / for interior
TECHNOLOGY Sistemas Revers S.L.



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    wall-mounted, for interior


We live in a world where Technology constantly embraces our lives. We strongly believe that technology helps us in our daily work. It allows us to express creativity, to communicate with each other, be in shape, healthy as well as to entertain. In addition, we believe that technology should be accessible to everyone.

That is why, REVERS, in its continuous evolution, has developed a unique lighting system. Placed in ALU-RAIL® aluminum panels, the system highlights and transmits in an optimal way all the values that technological products offer us: design, vanguard, and progress.

This is achieved by the incorporation of 12 volt LED lighting connectors, adjusted to the aluminum panel in perfect symbiosis allowing to focus on the product displayed on the shelf.

The system is adaptable either on metal, glass, wood or methacrylate, obtaining a visual and attractive result.