IP66 floodlight / LED / for public spaces / for parking lots
20 Siteco



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    for public spaces, for parking lots, industrial

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The Floodlight 20 LED family (micro, mini and midi) enables building-based planar lighting to be implemented with high efficiency, and at the same time with maximum demands for quality of light, functionality, design and individual needs.
The secret with such flexibility is the platform concept and modular design of the complete system. The result is a solution that in terms of appearance and functionality comes from a single cast, for a wide diversity of applications including the illumination of plazas and traffic routes as well as further versions for facade illumination in building-vicinity areas and the TV broadcast-compliant illumination of sports locations with HDTV and super slow motion quality.
The family design has been consistently implemented across all construction sizes: all sizes have identical proportions, the same high quality of materials and appearance. Photometrically, they all feature the same lens-based LED platform with precise light control and glare-minimised optics, for maximum quality of light and best visual comfort. The principle of construction is also identical – each construction size consists of three functional units: the LED module, the housing with ECG, and the mounting components. This provides maximum convenience during installation, and also a future-fit investment thanks to the modular design and high quality.