recessed floor light fixture / HID / round / rectangular
CB Siteco



  • Type:

    recessed floor

  • Light source:


  • Shape:

    round, rectangular

  • Location:


  • Material:

    aluminum, cast aluminum, stainless steel, glass

  • Protection class:


  • Other characteristics:

    for public spaces, pathway


The cuboid and cylindrical ground recessed luminaires of the CB family with rectangular or circular light emission apertures and various reflector systems emit narrow, medium or wide light distribution. With an insert for asymmetric light distribution (CB 95) and an angle of inclination adjustment to 10 degrees (CB 90) the CB luminaires can also be used as wallwashers. The application range is extended with an anti-glare screen (CB 90) and various dichroic colour glasses for retrofitting. The solid ground recessed luminaires with stainless steel recessed housing and toughened safety glass can withstand driveover loads of up to 5000 kg or 6000 kg.

Special features
driveover load 5,000kg (CB 90) or 6,000kg (CB 95)
cover of toughened safety glass; optional anti-slip surface
minimal construction height of stainless steel frame
optional colour glasses
ground recessing frame of stainless steel
pre-assembled connection cable

Encapsulated housing of diecast aluminium; cover of temperature-resistant toughened safety glass, frame of stainless steel or coated aluminium, silver-grey | maximum wide-area driveover load: CB 90 to 5000kg; CB 95 to 6000kg | insulation class: I | protection rating: IP67
Ground recessing frame of stainless steel, open at rear, with mounting frame of diecast aluminium