garden lamppost / urban / contemporary / cast aluminum
DL® 20 Siteco



  • Type:

    garden, urban

  • Style:


  • Material:

    cast aluminum

  • Light source:


  • Protection class:



DL® 20 impressively demonstrates how innovative technology can be combined with outstanding design to cast a bridge into the future. DL® 20 LED is the consistent, state-of-the-art further development of the classic lantern-design luminaire, but with the latest energy-efficient LED technology.
The town and park luminaire fulfils DIN EN 13201 for S and ME lighting classes, enabling standard-compliant road and town square lighting to be achieved with high energy efficiency and a high design appeal. The LED luminaire can be individually set according to needs via the microprocessor-controlled LED operating electronics for the performance packages 'Plus' (with Siteco® Service Box) and 'Premium' (with Street Light Control).