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wood panel / HPL / melamine / wall-mounted



  • Material:

    wood, HPL, melamine

  • Applications:


  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    wood look


SoHo is a design developed with the precise aim of creating a classic melamine line using new technologies and aesthetic solutions. It features timelessly elegant half-flamed planked wood all interpreted in a very modern synchronised key. The even background contrasts strongly with the pore. The background surface finish is smooth while the synchronised pore is deep and matt, creating an exceptionally realistic effect. SoHo is completely different from every other synchronised product available on the market, which tends to be excessively rustic. In line with the Minimum 1. Today. philosophy, for each decoration we stock three thicknesses of MELAMINE panel, register embossed HPL and two widths of ABS edging.