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Designing PV plants is easier than ever now, with Sunny Design Web. You can open Sunny Design Web in any Web browser or on an iPad/Android tablet. Then simply enter all the required information and within a few minutes you will receive the optimum plant configuration. The Web application provides solar power professionals and plant designers with a user-friendly interface. Along with the technical inspection of different components, the software also provides data for economic evaluation of the plant. The end customer gains a customized PV plant and the solar power professional saves valuable time. Once you have completed the free registration, you will have access to exclusive features to serve you better.


Optimal design for grid-connected PV plants
Tips aimed at plant optimization
Free registration

Database of current PV modules
Use of high-resolution meteorological data
Generation of design proposals
Energetic evaluation of an operational year
Forecast of projected self-consumption
Custom calculation of the optimum dimensioning for inverters

Worldwide location support
Import of your own load profiles and meteorological data
Access via Web browser, iPad, or Android tablet

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