outdoor playhouse / garden / floor-mounted
CASAFORUM SmartPlayhouse SL



  • Location:

    for outdoor use, garden

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Elegant and refined outdoor cubby house.
Casaforum contemporary cubby house which is coated with a steel sheet perforated with shapes similar to the leaves on trees. This chameleon-like playhouse will blend perfectly in your garden. This contemporary outdoor cubby house offers a spacious indoor space for the children to play in a bright, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The fusion of wood and steel, the contours and textures on its façade, and the shine of the materials turns this outdoor cubby house into an original sculpture for your garden.

The main material of this outdoor cubby house is Birch plywood. It is a material that is highly resistant since it’s made of a dense wood and glued with phenolic resins ideal for exterior use in gardens. The board comes with a layer of sealer on the edges (Sikkens Kodrin) and two layers of water-based paint, which give a high resistance to weathering. The indoor flooring of this outdoor cubby house is also made of Birch plywood with phenolic glue. The top layer of the floor is finished with a non-slip material, similar to those used on slides and other children’s playground equipment.The roof is made on birch plywood 18mm thick, and has thermal insulation (Rockwool) and precast waterproof EPDM rubber material with a water drain pipe incorporated, to guarantee total water tight closure.