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Automatic hand dryer


  • Features:



Technical developments and performance of handryers pulsed AirWind Plus. More ensure a comfortable and safe hygiene.
Energy efficient and sustainable:
Any new brushless induction motor ultra fast flow. Using a revolutionary new engine lifespan of hand dryer is three times higher.
Still more hygienic
Antimicrobial coating on all surfaces by the addition of 99.9% Ionpure eliminating bacteria. Patented antibacterial HEPA H13. Optional for sensitive areas a UV lamp against molds and viruses. Pellet organic gel moisturizes hands during use, cool the surrounding air and clean the dryer. Drip tray water drops. Certified by HACCP International for use in food industry environments.
More innovation and technology:
Display panel indicating the change of the filter and emptying the water collection tray. Optional infrared remote control for monitoring the device. A sound-absorbing module within the apparatus minimizes the air resistance and the mechanical noise during operation.


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