electric elevator / commercial



  • Operation:


  • Use:


  • Load:

    Min.: 180 kg (396.83 lb)

    Max.: 630 kg (1388.91 lb)


Maximum technology in minimum space.

Our ambitions:
Optimising the replacement of existing lifts.
Simplifying the creation of lifts in existing buildings.
VSpace is the most suitable solution on the market. It offers the largest car for the available space.
Up to 50% extra surface inside the car without altering the structure of the existing building.
The latest technical solutions meeting accessibility needs and thus enhancing the existing building.

The concept:
The lift car travels by means of a closed loop polyurethane belt.
Energy consumption is kept to a minimum by a balancing weight held by cables, counterbalancing all or part of the weight of the lift car.
The moving speed is adapted to the load in the lift car, improving traffic and optimising the installation.