contemporary sofa / steel / fabric / for offices
INVERT by Johannes Steinbauer SOFTLINE



  • Style:


  • Material:

    fabric, steel

  • Market:

    for offices

  • Capacity:


  • Options:

    with removable cover

  • Color:

    customizable color


The new sofa INVERT is composed with the perfect balance between coziness and classic elegance. The style is poetic and light, but at the same time also strong and distinct. The cushion-shaped elements of the sofa are connected at an angle, which creates an inviting and comfortable look. Despite the cozy cushion shape, the sofa has an elegant straightforwardness that is emphasized by a particularly delicate frame.

Expected to be ready for delivery May 2019
2P SOFA: L 194 D 88 H 82 SH 40 cm

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