Aluminum conservatory
Solar Innovations, Inc.


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A residential conservatory can be added to your home for both living space and incorporate space to grow plants. The structure can act as a conservatory sunroom where you can comfortably enjoy the changing seasons and watch your plants bloom throughout the year.

The materials used to construct a Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory are top of the line. Solar uses thermally broken aluminum framework, which greatly aides in insulating the conservatory. There are eight standard finishes for the aluminum extrusions, and custom colors are available. Tradition holds that the structure will be constructed of aluminum, and any industry available glazing can be utilized in the conservatorys design. Popular choices include LowE glazing, which helps control sunlight and prevents UV rays from entering the room. By reducing these rays, the amount of fading furniture and window treatments sustain is minimal. There are different ranges of LowE glazing that range from clear to tinted-laminated, which eliminates almost all UV penetration. Decorative glass options are also available, including stained, leaded, or etched glass.


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