quadruple patio umbrella / commercial / aluminum / fabric
P6 PRO Solero Parasols



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  • Material:

    fabric, aluminum

  • Specifications:

    hand crank


eople are valuing an outside life more and more. A luxurious setting has therefore become a must for every hospitality establishment. Solero understands this and has developed the Prostor series, a number of unique parasols that will turn your entrance into something very special. These trendy and versatile commercial parasols will be custom-made for you and will form a true finishing touch for your terrace.

Unique patented system
The Solero Prostor is much more than just a parasol – it’s an easily retractable canopy with a lot of features. The setup consists of a central pole which can accommodate up to four parasols. Using our patented control system, including a gas spring, the parasols are easily collapsed. You can open or collapse every cloth individually. A great touch is to transform the base with mood lights. Make your choice between authentic, round parasols or trendy square cloths. The round parasols have a 350cm diameter, while the square cloths don’t shy away in their 250cm or 300cm sizes. Upon using the complete set of four cloths per parasol you’ll get yourself an astonishing 36 square meters of shading surface!

An even more luxurious solution is the electric version of the Prostor parasol, where opening and collapsing the parasol is simply a matter of using a remote control. A unique parasol for the hospitality industry with the ease of use of an electric sunscreen! It’s a great and flexible outside sunshade that guarantees years of pleasure.