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An innovation by SOTRALENTZ Habitat, the ThermoLentz® hot water tank stands out by maintaining a clearly higher level of heat than the traditional tanks: it keeps hot water at 95 °C two times longer, much beyond the requirements of the standards in force!

Made of a combined accumulator/buffer system in a polyethylene pressurised tank, it is suitable for a new installation as well as for a renovation project. Its reduced size enables it to pass through narrow 80 cm doors and its light weight, 60 kg, makes it easily transportable.

Usable with a gas boiler, fuel-based or pellet-based, with solar panels, with a heat pump or even with a solid fuel boiler, ThermoLentz® also helps in saving energy. In fact, by holding on to heat longer, it prevents the boiler from frequent start-stops.

A true modulable "all-in-one" device, ThermoLentz® hot water tank shall enable you to heat and store both household hot water and hot water for the heating produced by a boiler and/or by solar energy.