shutter home automation system / for blinds / for interior / indoor
OMBRA BST SPEGA - Spelsberg Gebäudeautomation



  • Product applications:

    for shutters, for blinds, for interior

  • Location:


  • Market:

    for domestic use


Sun position-dependent positioning of slat angles for up to 15 facades or venetian blind types
Supports e.control shading correction in combination with all e.control sunblind actuators
Integrated processing of telegrams from multiple light sensors (e.g. ombra W8 or ombra W2)
Anti-glare or daylight guidance strategy independently selectable for each group of venetian blinds
Manual positioning of facade groups via user menu
Integrated time clock for timedependent positioning commands
Password protected user access
Comprehensive plug-in for step-by-step parameterisation