In-ground swimming pool / one-piece / polyester
ROMANA Starline


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If organic shapes are preferred, it is possible to opt for the Monoblock Romana. This series is equipped with a stylish, rounded walk-in stairs. This swimming pool is 4 m wide and 1.50 m deep. The Starline Romana Monoblock is available in three different lengths; 8.30 m., 9.30 m. and 10.30 m. A counter current can be installed in the start block, if so desired. Furthermore, various other accessories can be chosen which can be built in at the factory.

The Romana series Monoblock can be equipped with an optional integrated Roldeck pit; a unique system in the field of swimming pool covers! The Starline Roldeck can be installed in this special pit, which makes the pool cover completely invisible when not in use and allows to make optimum use of the area around the pool. The standard safety ledge supports the Starline Roldeck whenever it unrolls onto the pool.


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