water heating solar station
STECA TPS A20 & TPS A25 Steca Elektronik



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    for water heating


The Steca TPS A20 and TPS A25 two-string solar stations are compact, fully prefabricated solar stations with an optional Steca TR A502 TT solar controller.

The pump assembly is the connecting link between the solar collector system and the hot water storage tank. It includes all fittings and safety devices for safe and long-lasting operation of a solar thermal system. Complete prefabrication enables quick and easy installation of all system hydraulics. The flow rate display and an inspection glass made of borosilicate glass provide continuous indication of the current flow rate. For increased operational safety of the system, an
integrated airstop is used as a continuous air separator in the supply circuit. The standard version has a 3-stage solar thermal pump of type WILO ST15/6 ECO (TPS A20) or WILO ST25/7 ECO (TPS A25). In keeping with our high quality standards, all fluid-carrying components are brass and completely screw-fitted.

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