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STECA TR 0301SC Steca Elektronik

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solar controller solar controller - STECA TR 0301SC


The Steca TR 0301sc controller is the speed-controllable version of the basic controller, the Steca TR 0301.

In addition to the speed control of the solar circuit pump, the Steca TR 0301sc also allows logging of the solar circuit pump's hours of operation, as well as recording the minimum and maximum temperature values of the collector and the storage tank.

The controller is used for monitoring and controlling solar thermal systems with one collector array and one storage tank. Equipped with an animated and clearly arranged graphic display, the Steca TR 0301sc visualizes the operational status as well as the complete solar circuit of the solar energy system. The consistent use of pictograms helps make the controller easy to operate. The controller also performs important system monitoring and safety functions to ensure safe and long-lasting operation of the entire system. The numerous additional functions of the Steca TR 0301sc also include a maximum storage tank temperature function, a tube collector function, an anti-freeze function, a holiday and storage recool function as well as a choice of temperature indications in either degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). The operational safety of the system is supported by a sophisticated fault diagnosis. The multi-coloured LCD backlight ensures quick and safe location of occurring errors and facilitates quick troubleshooting.