wall-mounted heating controller
STECA TH A603 MS Steca Elektronik



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The Steca TH A603 MS is a heating circuit controller (Slave) for regulating mixed heating circuits easily and efficiently. It was specially designed to expand the Steca TR 0603mc system controller and Steca TH A603 M (Master) heating circuit controller.

Maximum energy efficiency and optimal operation of individual room control (e.g. thermostat valve) require continuous adjustment of the supply temperature. Steca TH A603 MS determines the required supply temperature in accordance with the external temperature or the temperature of a guide room, which then sets the activated mixer.

Steca TH A603 MS works with radiators and with surface heating circuits. The many functions built into the Steca TH A603 MS such as surplus management, heat quantity measurement, building frost protection, holiday reduction and screed drying ensure that system operation is both reliable and convenient.

Up to three Steca TH A603 MS heating circuit controllers can be connected as bus slaves via the Steca TPC 1 bus to the Steca TR 0603mc (Master) system controller or the Steca TH A603 M (Master) heating circuit controller. The functions and parameters for the Steca TH A603 MS are set via the user-friendly operating menu of the master, which also provides information on the current operation of the system. Four LEDs provide information on the operating status of each slave.

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