wall-mounted heating controller / for solar water heaters
STECA TF B202 Steca Elektronik



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    for solar water heaters


The Steca TF B202 is a particularly cost-effective fresh water controller for heating drinking water directly and hygienically using the continuous-flow water heating principle, for fresh water stations with ranges of 0-20 l/min, 0-40 l/min and 0-80 l/min.

The new intelligent and self-learning control algorithm developed in the Steca fresh water laboratory allows a highly efficient transfer of energy from the primary buffer to the secondary drinking water circuit and uses a multifunctional Huba Control flow sensor for monitoring the flow rate and temperature. OEM customers have flexible options for integrating alternative analogue flow meters.

The Steca TF B202 demonstrates its versatility by facilitating speed control of both standard glandless pumps and innovative highefficiency pumps. The Steca TF B202 can also control a circulation pump. The controller offers time, temperature or impulse dependent control methods.

Its minimal dimensions make the Steca TF B202 easy to integrate in compact fresh water stations. A specially-designed switching power supply ensures maximum efficiency and economic operation: This reduces own consumption to a minimum. The variable input voltage range allows universal use of the device worldwide. The electronic load control technology provides protection against overloading and installation errors.