monitoring software / for photovoltaïc installations
STECAGRID USER Steca Elektronik



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    for photovoltaïc installations


Universal and individual
The StecaGrid User software allows system operators to transfer entries from inverter data loggers to a computer and subsequently analyse the data. Inverters store diurnal variation curves, among other data. After 31 days, the oldest data are overwritten with new data. Using the StecaGrid User software, data can be read regularly and stored permanently on a computer.

The StecaGrid User software allows users to read the data of up to 100 inverters via a bus and have the data arranged and presented in a graph. the programme provides a clear overview of diurnal, monthly and annual variation curves both for the entire system and for each individual inverter. Yield data of several inverters can thus be compared. Various presentation options and colour schemes ensure that comparisons are clearly laid out. The StecaGrid User also presents current measurements on the computer screen. The data that can be called up individually on the inverters display are clearly presented on one StecaGrid User page.

Prepared for the future!
Choosing the "information" menu item, users can read the hardware and software status of the connected inverters. The StecaGrid User software also carries out updates when new, improved software is available or new technical requirements necessitate a software adaptation.