natural stone veneer / slate finish / with motif / flexible



  • Material:

    natural stone

  • Finish:

    slate finish

  • Other characteristics:

    with motif, flexible


Made from slate and mica, the vinyl topcoat natural slate covers your furniture easily.

The Stoneleaf + range consists of natural slates coated with vinyl acetate ethylene. The Stoneleaf+ slate is particularly adapted to mural coating, interior decoration and cupboard and furniture paneling.

Indeed it’s a thermoplastic product, therefore you can adapt it around any type of supports by using a heat gun Stoneleaf + range is composed of natural Stoneleaf slate on a vinyl acetate basis. Slates are very thin (between 0,8mm and 1mm) and really light (300g/m2). Standard size: 1220mm x 610mm.

The StoneLeaf + slates are also available in 24 different colors. Stones used are mica and slate.

The StoneLeaf + range differs by the support used: the slate is applied, not on a fiberglass support, but on a vinyl support (a celanese emulsion support, based on vinyl acetate and ethylene).

With StoneLeaf +, decorate your cupboards or walls according to your desires. Give free rein to your imagination and browse through our wide range.
The uniqueness of each slate explains why it’s thickness can vary from 0,8 mm to 1 mm.

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