concrete wallcovering / residential / commercial / textured
VELA StoneLeaf



  • Material:


  • Market:

    residential, commercial

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Options:

    interior, exterior, for wet rooms


The ConcreteLeaf is composed of marble powder and calcium cilicate, one of themajor components of concrete.With the StoneLeaf, we have made the stone flexible, today with the ConcreteLeaf we give flexibility to concrete.The ConcreteLeaf is perfect to upgrade your interior, exterior and furniture covering.Thanks to a mix of cotton and fiberglass, the ConcreteLeaf is very strong. The application areas are the same as StoneLeaf: Indoor and outdoor wall covering, humid areas, furniture covering...Very flexible and very thin, the ConcreteLeaf is easy to cut and could be install on curved or flat areas.With 3 design and 3 colors, 9 possibility presents itself to you, discover ou range of flexible concrete in the name of the most beautiful constellations.The ConcreteLeaf models are created from wood panels which gives at this new materials a unique aspect.This revolutionary concrete is available in three colors: Black, grey and blue. This colors are created with natural pigments.The ConcreteLeaf is composed of marble powder and calcium silicate, one of the major components of concrete. We mix it with sandstone and sand.The ConcreteLeaf is set on fabric and fiberglass basis, we sell it rolled in 3000mm x 1200mm with a thickness of 2mm and a weight of 4kg/sqm.