natural stone wallcovering / home / tertiary / textured



  • Material:

    natural stone

  • Market:

    home, tertiary

  • Finish:

    textured, embossed

  • Appearance:

    stone look

  • Options:

    interior, exterior, for wet rooms


Made from Mica, the natural Stoneleaf slate decorates your interior and your exterior with elegance.

To equip your interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, the Stoneleaf slate is set on fiberglass in order to guaranty better density. Easy to cut and to set, it can be laid flat or on a round surface. Thin, light and flexible, the natural Stoneleaf slate makes the most of all the qualities of the stone without its drawbacks.

Check our whole range of 24 slate and mica shades in the name of world capital cities.

The natural Stoneleaf slate is very thin (between 1,2mm and 1,4mm) and light (between 1and 1,5kg/m2).

The natural Stoneleaf slate comes in a variety of shades divided into two categories: the mica leaves and the slate leaves. In both cases the stone leaf is set on a fiberglass and polyester resin basis. Density and lightness are thus guarantied.

With Stoneleaf, let your desires and creativity express themselves. Our range is so varied that you will easily find the stone leaf that suits your project. Whether you wish to cover a wall or some furniture, our color chart provides all combinations.

Each natural stone leaf is unique. Thus its thickness can vary from 1,2mm to 1,5mm. Please note that the mica leaves will be thicker than the slate ones.

Lima & Pretoria available in 1 size: 1220mm x 610mm

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