public bench / contemporary / wooden / concrete



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  • Material:

    wooden, concrete

  • Options:

    with backrest


The Cliffhanger Benches are hanging park benches attached to a sturdy wall. The finely detailed bench system has a modular interval of 120cm - 47”. The prefab slat segments are composed of 5x5cm - 2”x2” 100% FSC® hardwood slats with an 8mm - 0.3” gap between each slat. The slats are mounted on the patented Streetlock® combs.
The slat segments are assembled with finger joints to reinforce the continuous character of these attractive hanging benches.

The Cliffhanger Benches are available as free standing benches. They are generously, low benches, which can also be equipped with medium or high slatted backrests. With and without it is possible to people sitting on two sides of the bench.

Possibilities and restraints
The standard length is ca.264cm, extensions are ca.120cm long
Available as hanging bench or as freestanding bench
By default finished in galvanized steel, optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating

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