metal roofing panel / insulating / with UV protection
THE 5TH FACADE Swisspearl



  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    insulating, with UV protection



The roof is the crowning final touch to every building; the canopy under which the elements of an intelligent, well-proportioned overall design are all brought together. However, besides the aesthetic criteria it also has to meet the very highest demands of resistance against extreme weather. It must serve as protection against blazing sunlight, storms, rain, hail and snow.

With a variety of forms, colors and great practical functions, Swisspearl® brings out the boundless diversity of designs, the enhancement and preservation of the value of buildings, at the same time protecting the living rooms and offices and the people in them.

The special coating of these panels with opaque pigmentation allows vibrant colors. It also provides an increased protection against weathering and UV radiation as well as a slightly textured surface.