ceiling displacement air diffuser / round
KONIKA-AT-160 Systemair



  • Installation:

    for ceilings

  • Shape:



The Konika-AT is a multi cone diffuser for T-bar ceiling grids of 600 x 600.

Adjustable from horizontal to vertical discharge.

Konika-AT multi cone diffuser for ceiling assembly. The diffuser consist of an external cone and an adjustable double center cone. The double cone can be adjusted for changing of the distribution pattern from horizontal to vertical.

The diffuser is manufactured from steel with white powder coated finish white RAL 9010 and is available in 4 sizes 160, 200, 250 and 315 inlets.

The diffuser can simply be set on top of the T-bar ceiling grid, then securing the diffuser to the rigid ceiling so the weight of the diffuser and installation is not placed on the T profile sections of the ceiling grid.

The diffuser can be connected to an insulated or uninsulated flexible duct direct on the neck (please make sure the flexible ducting has a clean 1.5X radius on the bend in order not to generate unwanted sound levels or exceeding pressure losses). incorrect air entry to the neck of the diffuser can also contribute to bad air distribution.

PER or PB-Konika-A plenum boxes can help the installation by reducing the installation height in the false ceiling