ceiling air diffuser / square
KVADRA-150 Systemair



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Systemair Kvadra square 4-way ceiling diffuser with connection transition KRC and plenum box PER as accessories.


Kvadra supply- and exhaust diffuser for ceiling installation. The diffuser can be used in offices, shops or similar premises. It can be connected to square ducts or circular ducts via connection transition KRC and to PER plenum box. The diffuser can be dismantled for duct cleaning. Kvadra has a high induction which makes it suitable for cooled air. Maximum temperature difference is dT 12 K.


Kvadra is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal with a white powder-coated finish (RAL 9010) and is available in the following sizes: (square) 150x150, 225x225, 300x300, 450x450, and with KRC (circular) 125, 160, 250, 315 and 400. The connection transition KRC is manufactured from galavnized sheet metal and is equipped with a perforated metal sheet for pressure distribution and is simple to connect.

How to use for exhaust air

This device can be used for exhaust air.

Correct adjustment requires a length of straight duct, 4 times the duct diameter in front of the PER plenum box. The distribution unit is connected to the duct with screws or pop rivets. Dismantling of the supply air unit: release the cones by gently pressing and turning the cones simultaneously. Reassemble the unit correspondingly.

When assembling KRC to the Kvadra diffuser, make sure that Kvadra’s connection edges fits into the KRC hold down springs. Gentle tap the two parts together so that Kvadra’s connection edges bottoms into the hold down springs.