aluminum ventilation grill / rectangular
NOVA-L-1-2-1000x100 H-1-12,5RA Systemair



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NOVA-L is a rectangular aluminium grille with one or two rows of blades. The first row is always fixed, the second is adjustable. The NOVA-L grille is adequate for usage in such premises that require a higher emphasis on appearance and is designed for air supply and air extract. If needed, the grille can be split into several parts and installed in a continuous line of linear grilles. For a balanced distribution of air through the entire grille it is recommended to use a damper or a plenum box.

NOVA-R1, -R2, -R3, -R4 - dampers
NOVA-UR - mounting frame
ODEN - plenum box
PB-NOVA - plenum box

The NOVA-L grille can be mounted directly onto a rectangular duct using countersunk screws (type "1" mounting), onto a wall using a mounting frame and spring clips (type "2" mounting + UR) or, if appropriate, it can also be placed onto a wall and a ceiling using a mounting frame and a mounting mechanism (type "4" mounting).

Material used:
The NOVA-L grille is manufactured from aluminium profiles with eloxal coating or, if appropriate, a powderlacquered (RAL 9010 - white) surface finish; other RAL types are available upon request.