Free-standing bathtub / oval / Krion® / double
ARO SYSTEMPOOL - KRION® Porcelanosa Solid Surface


  • Installation:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Options:


  • Length:

    Min.: 203 cm (79.92 in)

    Max.: 203 cm (79.92 in)

  • Width:

    Min.: 88 cm (34.65 in)

    Max.: 88 cm (34.65 in)


Water is the central element of this series inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony.
The deep concave shapes of the different elements of the ARO collection
are reminiscent of the porcelain bowls used in this ritual. Under this
premise, estudi{H}ac redefines an ancestral tradition with a modern design
which shapes the innovative material of the compact mineral KRIONTM,
based on subtle, natural and clean lines in semi-circular forms which are warm
to the touch.

A flat strip in the shape of a ring marks the different elements, evoking the
hands of the host offering tea to their guest, in the same way as the bath offers
water for intimate personal use.


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