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porcelain cup / for domestic use / commercial
LOVES ME by Gabriel Vach TABLO



  • Material:


  • Market:

    for domestic use, commercial


Cups with a surprise of ornaments at the place where you would not expect – at the bottom. In the meantime, before making this discovery, they are very practical cups in pure design. Ideal volume can be useful for tea, or large coffee, great to hold and look good. It does not take long and they become the most widely used mugs at home. LOVES ME is a play – you can detect up to six different patterns. In the view contrary to the light is like looking into a kaleidoscope, sometimes to the cathedral windows. Reports are also that cups can be used to conjure up wonderful biscuits, or Christmas pastries. Thanks the embossed bottom are often serves as a stamp.
material: porcelain
volume: 250 ml
diameter: 90 mm
height: 75 mm

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