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Laminated glass panel / explosion-proof / for interior fittings / curved
Tambest Glass Solutions


  • Type:

    laminated, explosion-proof

  • Applications:

    for interior fittings

  • Other characteristics:

    curved, transparent


In the laminating process two or more glass plates are joined by means of an elastic plastic film, using heat and pressure. Several types of film and glass may be applied in the process, to obtain different characteristics for the structures – according to the purpose of use. Curved laminated safety glass protects from personal injuries; in the lowest protection class from falling, and in the sturdiest class from bullets and pressure waves caused by explosions. In addition to the protection class, the size of glass, its bending angle and bending form affect the durability classification of glass. When the number of glass layers and films is increased, it is possible to build multi-layer glasses for various, demanding protection needs.

The innovative and modern production machinery of Tambest Glass Solution and the expertise provided by the long-term activity in the business enable the manufacturing of challenging cylindrical, spherical, conical and parabolic laminated safety glasses. The laminating of curved glasses takes place in clean rooms, to ensure the faultlessness of the glasses. The maximum size of curved laminated glasses is 3210 x 6000 mm.


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