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Curved heat-strengthened glass has been treated applying the same principle as in case of curved tempered glass. The difference to the actual bending-tempering is slower cooling in the treatment process, as well as lesser increase in the strength.

The strength of heat-strengthened curved glass is increased to approx. three-fold in comparison with untreated curved glass. The fragments of breaking heat-strengthened glass are rounder and less dangerous than the sharp-edged pieces coming into being when normal, non-strengthened glass is breaking, however bigger than those of tempered glass. Thanks to this quality, after it has been broken, heat-strengthened curved glass remains in its frames better than temper curved glass does.

The most important phase in the manufacturing of curved heat-strengthened glass is to make the optical qualities of the glass to remain unaltered. The qualities of the curved heat-strengthened glass manufactured by Tambest Glass Solution remain as ideal. The importance of the optical constancy is emphasized in large glass surfaces. The maximum size of curved heat-strengthened glasses is 2400 x 4200 mm.


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