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tower speaker tower speaker - PRESTIGE : STIRLING SE


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A compact floor-standing speaker that uses a 10.00 Tannoy Dual Concentric™ in a cabinet design optimised to produce bass performance with superb control and extension, allied to spacious, fluid mid-range and high frequencies of great purity and detail. The cohesion of the stereo sound staging reproduced by the Stirling SE, a characteristic common to all the Dual Concentric™ equipped Prestige models, is involving and believable, delivering remarkable spaciousness and presentational stability in equal measure.

All components and cabinets are still hand assembled in the time-honoured fashion to ensure that attention to detail and unique styling go hand in hand in maintaining the exclusive appeal of this highly respected and sought after loudspeaker.

The design comfortably complements any decor from ancient castle through to the cool, casual and contemporary. The only rules we absolutely adhere to when designing and crafting Prestige loudspeakers is to utilise the most up to date, no compromise, acoustic technologies and time-proven cabinet making skills ensuring these are probably the very best sounding loudspeakers you will find anywhere.