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Special Edition Revolution

Further refining the Revolution DC6Ts dynamic blend of design and performance, the DC6T SE takes the Revolution design concept to an even higher level. Using the very latest technology, Tannoy has improved on the award-winning sound to deliver even more articulation and drama. A new double-magnet driver motor system, enhancements to the crossover configuration and new high-end HF capacitors deliver supremely natural vocals and add more power and space to the soundstage. The DC6T SE is exclusively finished in luxury Espresso colour real wood veneer and benefits from a custom plinth with top-adjustable levelling spikes and contrasting satin black finish.

Play music
In two-channel systems the Revolution DC6T SE further enhances the pinpoint imaging and fine musical detail that underpins the Revolution range of loudspeakers. The WideBand™ Dual Concentric™ driver delivers genuine three-dimension imaging enriched by low frequency extension that combines a solid attack with the expressive tonal detailing required for woodwind and bass string instruments. The SEs double-magnet system further improves power handling, dynamic response and deep bass extension.

Play movies
Bringing greater power and passion to movies a pair of Revolution DC6T SE floor-standing loudspeakers makes the ideal choice for the front end of a multi-channel system. Massive dynamic power, excellent LF extension and naturalness throughout the key dialogue range makes for a fully immersive multi-channel music or movie experience. Building on the strengths of the Revolution DC6T, the SE model adds scale to the soundstage backed by stunning transient impact and deep bass effects.