teak gazebo


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The LODGEDEN concept enables to provide a space that is desired to separate from his main residence for reasons of independence, peace, privacy ... It is thus possible to make a guest room, office, library, smoking room, a rest room, an auditorium, a gym, massage room, spa room, a bar or a dining summer dining ...

The originality of this concept is to reuse the old teak houses from Indonesia and destined for demolition. This old teak is "rehabilitated" to give it a second life by using it in a living concept corresponding to the aspirations of customers. Thus we are completely in a process of "sustainable development".

This product is produced in Indonesia by a labor force working in the traditional respect for traditional construction techniques.

We can easily adapt in terms of dimensions, and we can connect several LODGEDEN by "bridges", open or covered.

This product is intended both to individuals seduced by the charm and exoticism of lodgeden, as well as professionals through direct use (massage room or SPA for example), or to be rented (B & B or gite for example)


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